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  1. Jul 02,  · Listen to Brainless episodes free, on demand. Hey everyone! My name is Katrina and I love black men! This podcast is another way for me to interact with all of my fans. I am the opposite of a feminist. I love to be degraded and treated like the bimbo that I am. If you are listening to this on iTunes then please subscribe and leave me a review! You can also watch .
  2. Women in uniform were portrayed as brainless glamour girls, in the military for a good time, or as man-hating battleaxes.: The blonde grinned and her friends kept nodding like brainless bobble-heads.: She didn't want to needlepoint to perfection, crochet, dance elegantly, or be treated as a brainless pet.: But it's hard to be motivated about a project you're really sick of, that's mostly.
  3. Aug 01,  · adjective If you describe someone or something as brainless, you mean that you think they are stupid.
  4. Brainless funny cartoons from CartoonStock directory - the world's largest on-line collection of cartoons and comics.
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  6. Examples of brainless in a Sentence He thought most of his coworkers were brainless. The plot of the new movie is brainless and the acting is terrible. Recent Examples on the Web Be Our Chef is a charmingly peppy, brainless .
  7. 85 synonyms of brainless from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for brainless. Brainless: not having or showing an ability to absorb ideas readily.
  8. Mama always said, "Son, if you had a brain you'd be dangerous, guess it pays to be brainless." Now my mom goes wahm-wahm-wahm 'Cause I'm not that smart, but I'm not dumb I was on the bottom of the pile gettin' stomped But somehow I came out on top (Oh-oh-oo-oh) I told you one day, I said they'd have that red carpet rolled out, yo.
  9. Brainless [Intro] Eminem has a full line of chainsaws. Eminem, Eminem, Eminem, Eminem, Eminem, Eminem. Marshall Mathers, Eminem, the rapper Eminem "Who can say for sure? Perhaps a frontal lobotomy would be the answer. If science could operate on this distorted brain and put it to good use, society would reap a great benefit.".

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