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  1. A.M.S.G. – The Forbidden Transformation More Holocaustik Canadian Terrorist Black Metal minus the saxophones from AngelFukk Witchhammer and Kaos Abhorrer, also the last recordings of the latter who took his own life since the release of ’s Anti-Cosmic Tyranny. Not as groundbreaking as that album but you can’t argue with the riffs in a.
  2. Luciferion Lycanthropic Lust! - 90% AMSG, March 7th, Written based on this version: , 12" vinyl, Profound Lore Records (Limited edition) A.M.S.G are one of the best bands out of this particular neck of the woods, and quite honestly in my opinion over the course of a full length and two EP's have really put out some quality material.
  3. Interesting Links. This is just a small set of interesting links, which I picked as a starting point. As always, if there are other links you think belong here, or if you have other suggestions, please let me know.. Several of these links have to do with the Usenet newsgroup mondmilksevemengeotroxtunordovora.coinfolves.I'm not sure I can sum up this newsgroup here, other than to say that it's a very different, and.
  4. Cartoon Network Summer Song 40 minutes left before the bell, my classroom kind of feels like Hell And fun, fun, fun is all that's on my mind.
  5. Mar 21,  · When was the last time you were in lust with someone? Who was it? What was so attractive about them? Do you see them on a regular basis or pine for them from afar? Mine: A mid's sexpot in a suit. Dark blonde hair, tall - I see him at Starbucks regularly - we work in the same area so we see each other a few days a week.
  6. In order to turn a man into such a monster, the Lycanthrope must undergo a Transformation befor which the extraordinary mutation of the lowly caterpillar into the astounding butterfly appears utterly quaint. The monstrous Transformation regulated by the Lupus Modum .
  7. Lust for Luck. likes. A new twist on old ties. Formed from 4 seasoned musicians from the Detroit metropolitan area. "LFL" is just lookin for a good time!
  8. A collection of editorial, news, new products and more about Luster-On Products, Inc. from the editors of Products Finishing Magazine.

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