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  1. Feb 20,  · One of my guinea pigs has a rather large bald spot on the side of its stomach. Up until recently i thought it was just barbering but now I'm not too sure It's not really bald, the hairs are just extremely short, and don't seem to be growing back. The area doesn't seem to bother my guinea pigs, but is a bit dry, and flaky. Her ears are very dry and flaky on the inside.
  2. Jun 22,  · I haven't posted many pictures of the pigs lately. Especially not Fiona. They are going bald. Pot Bellied Pigs have lots of coarse hair all over their mondmilksevemengeotroxtunordovora.coinfo most of the time. Daphne and Fiona are losing their hair and have dry flaky skin. They look awful and I am embarrassed for anyone to see them.
  3. Hair Loss in Guinea Pigs. While there are many possible reasons for hair loss, the most common reason by far is microscopic mange mites, a painful parasitic condition easily treated with ivermectin. Fungal infections are a close runner-up.. Old age does not cause hair loss. Any hair loss in an older guinea pig should be investigated.
  4. If your guinea pig has bald spots, then this could be due to mange mites or a fungal infection, both of which are easily treatable with a special shampoo. Many owners assume that guinea pigs lose their hair as they get older, but this isn’t true. Any loss of hair in guinea pigs that isn’t behind the ears should be investigated.
  5. Female Guinea Pigs are shy at first but they will develop an intense affection for their Pet Parents and may whistle to signal their happiness. Find guinea pigs for sale at your local PetSmart store! Price may vary by location.
  6. Nov 04,  · Many many cases of hairless guinea pigs come to the sanctuary where mites and fungal are a problem. This can be treated. The cases that I have demonstrated here are moderate. By watching this.
  7. When you need a loose absorbent do you grab the clay? No way! With lightweight PIG Loose you’ll absorb up to three times more liquid without straining your back. Plus, less weight means lower disposal costs. And because it’s silica-free, there’s no dust hazard to worry about. So leave the clay for the cat and clean up with PIG Loose.
  8. Mar 24,  · My Guinea Pig Has a Bald Spot. When my sisters recently gave me a guinea pig, Millie, she had a bald spot on her back but no other bald spots. It’s almost in the shape of a heart. There are some short hairs and some flakey yellow skin when you scratch at .
  9. Oct 12,  · Pim from the southern part of the Netherlands is in fact a Skinny Pig, a type of hairless guinea pig. Skinny pigs are as healthy as ordinary guinea pigs, .

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