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  1. The ACCELERATOR module™ is the perfect answer on these "lean fuel mixtures" problems and is an add-on product that adjust the ratio of the fuel mixture to the optimum ratio during mainly the acceleration of the engine. So a richer fuel mixture to accelerate the engine. Also it will helps to start the bike better.
  2. There are two important points to be made in the performance of a vehicle. Power over Weight is directly proportional to acceleration. In fact acceleration (without air resistance) is exactly power over momentum $$ a= \frac{P}{m v}$$. So in the comparison between a car and a motorcycle consider that the power to weight ratio (and hence power over mass) is much higher for a .
  3. Apr 14,  · The consensus seems to be that CDI's generally don't go bad - but I spent last summer chasing issues similar to your's on my yz, my problems also started with a bad stator. Turns out my CDI was bad. I found another bike and started swapping parts - I suggest you try to find a bike like yours and swap CDI's.
  4. Dec 29,  · Whenever I shut my bike off, I always hit the kill switch first and then the ignition key second. I was told this when I purchased the bike by the mechanic delivering and explaining the controls and operations. I have never heard of the sound that you speak of when I shut the bike off, I get no gurgling sound or maybe I just can't hear it.
  5. Oct 06,  · Right before I store my bike I pour in 2 oz.`s then fill and ride for a little while to get it all worked in before storing my bike. I have stored it for 4 .
  6. Focusing on top speed rather than acceleration can help develop a smooth seated sprinting technique. In a ride situation you are most likely going to .
  7. Once you've taken the top off the carb (watch out for the spring and don't lose the little clip on the needle) you need check for pinholes in the diaphragm and clean the jets (all the little holes in the bottom of the carb including the one that the needle goes in and the one with a small pin coming out of it, nearest to the engine) by pressing.
  8. Apr 01,  · Mostly concerning CDI boxes and ignition coils for more technical information feel free to message me, I'll send you some good info.

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