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  1. Suolo - May Be / Complet Paranoia / May Be (SIT remix). Label: Lokomotiv. Catalogue number: LKMV Available to buy on Vinyl Record. Find more tracks by Suolo and more releases on Lokomotiv.
  2. Lokomotiv Australia Label music on CD, MP3 and Vinyl available at Juno Records. Listen to Lokomotiv Australia now using our online music player. Lokomotiv Australia.
  3. A paranoia viszonylag ritka betegség, becsült előfordulási gyakorisága kb. 0,,03%.Összehasonlításként említeném a szkizofrénia jóval magasabb előfordulási gyakoriságát, mely betegségben a lakosság kb. 1%-a szenved. A férfiakkal szemben a nők kissé nagyobb arányban betegszenek meg. A betegség többnyire a negyvenes életévekben kezdődik, de tól akár a
  4. * Items below may differ depending on the release. Review When I first heard it, Shot of Love sounded like Bob Dylan's most interesting record in a long time. Interesting, not good. Though many of the songs seemed wretchedly written, the artist's churning mixture of ultimate love (God's) and ultimate hate (Dylan's), positiveness and paranoia, missilery and martyrdom, struck me as perhaps.
  5. Review: Ascendant Romanian producer Dinu Pancov aka Suolo continues his prolific output here with his third release for Bucharest-based Capodopere, following up some great ones in recent times on More Than Music, Aforisme and RORA."No Proof" is totally on point: a deep, groovy and hypnotic roller from a dub techno state of mind and perfect tackle for the afterhours.
  6. Phil Oakey recorded his vocals for "Don't You Want Me" in the studio bathroom. The recording was disrupted by guitarist Jo Callis reaching through an open window from outside to repeatedly flush one of the toilets. Cat's In The CradleHarry Chapin Harry Chapin's wife Sandy wrote the lyrics to "Cat's.
  7. ***Dale also sings on two The World Will Burn CDs and the debut Perpetual Paranoia - The Reapers CD all available from Boone's. Perpetual Paranoia - Between the Altar and the Cross (*NEW-CD, , Retroactive Records) Bride's Dale Thompson + Tiago of Hand of Fire ****FREE MP3 RIPSTREAM DOWNLOAD WITH PURCHASE Product I.
  8. Suolo - Tarantism EP - Tarantism, Mirror Dance. Label: Aforisme. Catalogue number: AFRV Available to buy on Vinyl Record. Find more tracks by Suolo - Tarantism EP and more releases on Aforisme. FREE SHIPPING ON UK ORDERS OVER £50 - £5 SHIPPING ON EU ORDERS OVER £ May Be / Complet Paranoia / May Be (Sit Remi Lokomotiv. LKMV
  9. Mar 15,  · Paranoia Lyrics: Jedes meiner lyrischen Werke / Ist das Ergebnis einer Phase von psychischen Schmerzen / Die Gefühle im Herzen, sie fressen mich .

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