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  1. Jun 22,  · You’ve probably heard the question How are you? many times. In fact, it’s probably one of the first things you’ve learned how to say in English. Because it’s such a simple question, knowing how to respond to it may seem pretty straightforward, but sometimes it can be a .
  2. Lyrics to 'How About You?' by Judy Garland. When a girl meets boy Life can be a joy But the note they end on Will depend on little pleasures they will share So let us compare Judy Garland - .
  3. What about you? requests a statement about you in general, while How about you? requests a response about your manner, means, or condition. This leaves room for lots of personal preferences, presumptuous proscriptions, and zombie rules, to say nothing of actual sociocultural variation.
  4. How About You () 1h 31min X-Ray 18+ Based on a short story by Maeve Binchy, Ellie is a free-spirited and headstrong young woman left in charge of a retirement home over the Christmas mondmilksevemengeotroxtunordovora.coinfo: Comedy.
  5. How about you? I like New Jersey in June How about you? An' I love me a Bernstein tune How about you? I-I-I love a TV set When a storm is due Ya know I like my fish an' chips, rock an' roll and filter tips How about you? I'm nuts about good cooks Can never get my fill And Mrs. Darin's looks Kinda give me a thrill. Holdin' hands in a movie show.
  6. A phrase used to extend a previously-asked question to someone else. A: "How've you been, Ted?" B: "Oh, I've been fine. How about you?" OK, one coffee, and how about you, Miss?
  7. 8 ways to abbreviate How ABout You. How to abbreviate How ABout You? Get the most popular abbreviation for How ABout You updated in
  8. how about 1. A phrase used before a suggestion. How about Chinese for dinner? How about you turn off the TV and go to bed early for once? 2. A phrase used before a comment that seeks the listener's feedback. How about that game last night? So exciting! See also: how how about What is your thought, feeling, or desire concerning. For example, How about a.

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